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The Battle’s in Jan 2018


Lately I have been having quite a bit of pain in my breasts, which is to be expected so they say, the hardest part in all of this is that they have told me that I maybe in pain for the rest of my life, but it was still worth having the surgery, the positives of the surgery far out weigh the negatives. The pain has made walking that much harder, and when I say that I mean i can not walk as far as i could before the surgery because of the pain. I have tried to self manage the pain without taking pain medication, because I find that it has very little effect on me, but as of late I have been taking pain medication, because I have been getting to the point of almost crying because of the the pain, the only thing is that when I have taken the pain medication, I have been getting flashback and I get all chocked up, Because of the times that i have not made the smartest decisions in my life, and have taken things in to my own hands because of my depression and have hurt myself, hurting myself is a thing of the past now, I am in a much better place now, I have learnt other ways to deal with my depression that does not involve hurting myself.

The two photos above are of me, they were taken in the last two days.

I have been happy, in fact I am feeling content, I really do miss my best-friend and Godchildren whom are 782km away from me, It defiantly has been hard not being with them, but I am thankful for things like Facebook where we can still talk, today was one of those days where I almost lost it because I got messages from all three of my Godchildren, my best-friend was saying that when she told my 2 year old Goddaughter to come and say hello that she got so excited and just sprinted to the phone, that put a huge smile on my face, I got that feeling of butterflies when my Godchildren messaged me, and I just screamed because I was so excited and happy to hear their little voices, and my youngest Godson was so cute he was talking away and when he was told to say good-bye he did not want to he just sat in silence for a bit then continued talking away, the little cutie. 



I am a 25 year old female, who has had a few health issues, due to having Double J Breasts. And has been on my journey from Double J breasts to a smaller size, and to start with I was unsure as to what size I wanted to go down too, and I did not know what size the surgeon thought would be the ideal size, it was not until after surgery that I found out the size and that was a Double D, I love to do photography, I​ also love children.

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