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I use to pretend to be happy

I can now sit here and honestly say I was a professional masker, people would tell me how happy I looked, and how I was always so positive, but the honest truth is that it is not always the way, on the inside there was world war 3 going on, it was so hard, but I did not want anyone to see what was going on for me, I was embarrassed and felt so ashamed, but there was nothing to feel that way about, everyone that loved me, was and still is there for me, some even more so now that they know that I am human and I have emotions just like everyone else, I can show that im like everyone else. I still have my times where I will mask my emotions from some people but most of the time I can be honest and show how I am truly feeling, sometimes I mask because I want to feel happy,I know that this may seem weird but sometimes when I mask it can set something off and I will smile because I remember that I do have so many positive things in my life. 9/10 times I smile now, is real. I love myself.  Its a work in progress but it always will be. Just keep going, be real.

I started to forget who I really was because of that mask, but now that I dont need that mask as much I can see the real me, and so can everyone else, and I love the real me alot more than the fake/ masking me, there is no point in trying to be someone else, there is only one of you and you can never be replaced. Love yourself.



I am a 25 year old female, who has had a few health issues, due to having Double J Breasts. And has been on my journey from Double J breasts to a smaller size, and to start with I was unsure as to what size I wanted to go down too, and I did not know what size the surgeon thought would be the ideal size, it was not until after surgery that I found out the size and that was a Double D, I love to do photography, I​ also love children.

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